Every day, every Australian, physically active

About Us

Our vision: Every day, every Australian, physically active

Physical Activity Australia is dedicated to advocacy, to supporting people to be more active and to representing exercise professionals. Established in 1982 and with nearly 30 years‘ experience, we are Australia’s leading organisation working towards change and improvement to physical activity environments. We aim for all Australians, young and old, to be active every day.

What is physical activity? Physical activity is classified by the World Health Organisation as all types of incidental and planned movement including activity that occurs during work, recreation, exercise and sport.

We promote and support an active Australia in these important ways:

1.     Professional registration

We are a registration and membership organisation for exercise professionals. We strive for the highest standards of practice in the fitness industry and provide support and representation to exercise professionals through our National Registration Body. We ensure that all exercise professional registrants meet minimum standards of professional competency. We also provide professional development program accreditation services for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and private providers.

Find out more about Exercise Professionals’ Registration.

Find out more about Business Membership.

Find out more about program accreditation.

2.     Campaigns and advocacy

We run national and state-based campaigns to raise awareness, promote physical activity, reduce physical inactivity and improve public health. We also advocate to government, industry and other key decision makers for improved living and work spaces that help to make physical activity an easy part of everyday life.

Find out more about our campaigns and advocacy work.

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