As part of Physical Activity Australia (PAA) – a division of the Bluearth Foundation – you are helping us create an active nation. We know how passionate you are about health and fitness. We want you to live the challenge to show Aussie kids that they can too.

Team PAA supports the work of Bluearth. For more than 15 years, Bluearth has worked throughout Australian communities, giving more than 330,000 children the chance to experience the joy of movement and activity in their daily lives.

Team PAA’s support will ensure that the Bluearth programs reach more Australian communities.

So how does it work?

Have you got a physical challenge that you want to undertake?  Perhaps entering a fun run, cycling across the country or even hiking to Everest Base Camp?  Decide on your challenge, set up your own webpage through Team PAA and ask your friends, clients and family to sponsor you.  It is simple and your fundraising efforts will make a real difference to ensuring that current and future generations of Australian kids have the best chance to lead a healthy, active life.

So what are you waiting for? Create your own Team PAA page today!