2017 fitness trends

paa-boxing-1If there’s one thing we are not short of in the fitness industry, it’s trends.

The projected top Fitness Trends for 2017 have arrived. Wearable tech has topped the list for the second year in a row – no surprise, given our well known addiction to new gadgets, especially gadgets we think look great and might motivate us and deliver on the promise of better health, fitness.

Like anything that encourages increased physical activity, these devices are great if they are being used and not sitting in the top drawer gathering dust next to all the other fad purchases. For trainers, wearable tech is a trend that creates an opportunity to engage clients and find ways of integrating their devices into the work you do with them individually or as a group.
It’s fantastic to see strength training featuring well up the list, and the benefits for people of all ages are well documented. As our population ages, this will become increasingly significant, and provides a great target audience for trainers looking to maximise those off peak hours. This is also reflected in number 11; fitness programs for older adults.

Educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals came in at number 4 which is a great indication that quality and professionalism creates a much better opportunity for a successful and sustainable fitness career. It tells us what we already know, but still a reminder to continually grow your skills and knowledge and pursue high quality education.

The diversity of fitness modalities featured expresses a great variety for consumers and better still fantastic opportunities for trainers to specialize in areas that are attracting strong audiences. It demonstrates that there are great opportunities for a huge range of activities for you as a trainer to find what you enjoy and pursue a fulfilling fitness career.

Read the full 2017 Fitness Trends report from the American College of Sports Medicine.