5 Helpful Tips When Starting Back at The Gym

Many struggled with the sudden and prolonged closures of gyms and recreation facilities due to the impacts of Covid-19 throughout 2020. Although Covid-19 is still present in Australia, gyms and fitness centres’ re-opening has come as a much-welcome return.

With these re-openings comes a sense of normality for so many; however, a gradual return to training will ensure burnout does not occur.

Step one looks at having a structured plan for your return to training and ensuring your goals are realistic and achievable. These goals can be as simple as aiming to attend the gym 3-4 times per week.

The second step is a reminder to take things slow, starting back at the gym will be challenging with limited movement during a lockdown.

The third step focusses on recovery and how this is key to your return to the gym. Recovery will prove crucial to progress your workouts and allow you to perform well in your next session.

The fourth step looks at the importance of fuelling your body correctly when re-commencing regular gym visits. Consuming the correct and appropriate foods assists in recovery and re-fuelling to allow yourself to perform optimally.

The fifth and final step emphasises not take time and resources for granted. You are ensuring that lessons learned throughout the lengthy lockdowns not to take things or time for granted will help push yourself to keep on top of your training and motivate yourself more easily.