5 Steps Towards Gender Equality in the Workplace

Gender equality within the workplace is often talked about but can be difficult to put into practice.

You may have wondered whether your business provides equal pay or equal opportunities for female employees, and also what changes you could make to close the gender pay gap.

There are clear economic incentives to look at gender equity this way. Closing Australia’s gender pay gap, and subsequently, the employment gap would boost GDP by around 11 per cent. The productivity gap could also be closed, due to a pay improvement for women, improving workplace productivity all round.

There is also a strong moral case for improving gender equity in your workplace. To put this into perspective, one in two mothers are experiencing workplace discrimination because of their pregnancy, parental leave or on return to work.

Some ways you can help address the gender gap in your workplace right now include:

  • Commit to gender pay equity and assess what you are paying your female workers
  • Implement a flexible work policy
  • Support a safe and respectful workplace
  • Implement a family violence leave policy
  • Support progression and leadership opportunities for women
  • Lead by example