Are You Getting Enough?

According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, the minimum recommended serving of vegetables for adults is 4-5 cups per day, depending upon physical and energy demands.

What percentage of adults in Australia fail to meet this basic recommendation? You might think 30% or 50% percent…

According to our own National Nutrition & Physical Activity Survey (NNPAS), data collected from real people about what they eat and how they move, more than 95% of Australians fail to meet this requirement. The data about kids is even worse, fewer than half a percent are eating their recommended minimum of vegetables.

So, what does that mean if you are a qualified Nutrition Coach? 96% of your clients come to you not even being able to meet one of the essential bare minimum requirements for health.

The research is quite clear and compelling; obesity, type-2 diabetes, various cancers, and unwanted weight gain all dramatically increase in risk when vegetables are absent from an eating plan.

Until this fundamental core foundation of health is addressed, no amount of supplements, intermittent fasting, or ketosis is going compensate.

Nutrition Coaching is not just about food. It’s about all the beliefs, perceptions and habits we all have surrounding food.

Thanks to Dr Paul Cribb PhD, CEO & Founder of for contributing content towards this article.

Note: Providing Nutrition advice is not within your scope of practice unless appropriately qualified. Fitness Professionals, who want to give nutrition advice to their clients, must obtain an additional qualification in nutrition or cultivate a relationship with a dietitian or qualified nutritionist and refer their clients to them.