Christmas Exercise Survival Guide

Christmas is a busy time for everyone. This year, as different as it has been, is sure to be as busy as ever with restrictions easing as we enter December.

With the holiday season rush, exercise can easily be forgotten, so here’s some tips to assist with keeping up with your physical activity.

  • Do what you need to do early: Try to make some time in the mornings before you go to work or start your day to do some form of exercise.
  • Bring a friend: Catch up with friends while moving! Go for a walk in the park, to a gym class, or even for a bike ride. Having a friend to exercise with helps to motivate you and also gets them moving.
  • Move at work: Try to add a few extra reasons to move at work. Instead of sending an email to a colleague, get up and walk to their desk and deliver a message. Take the stairs instead of the lift, or go for a walk around the block on your lunchbreak.
  • Christmas shopping adventures: Walking around for hours at a shopping centre and carrying bags of purchases, pushing a trolley or the kids around can also provide a workout!
  • Choose the right gift: When looking for gifts for loved ones, why not choose something that encourages them to get moving? A present such as a fitness tracker, a piece of gym equipment, or even a hula hoop or ball for the kids can help promote movement.

Whilst it is important to enjoy the holidays, making time for exercise in your day will have many benefits. Making time in your day and staying motivated is the key!