Client retention: the key to your business

It’s been said that most people only stay with their PT for six weeks, and 90 percent of people who join a gym will stop attending within the first three months*. These aren’t encouraging stats at all! But developing a client retention strategy will help you retain your clients and ensure you are earning a consistent income.

Without a client retention strategy, you will find yourself stuck in the endless cycle of constantly needing to recruit new clients and never establish a strong base of existing clients. To increase retention levels, you need to get to know your clients, understand their fitness goals and what motivates them.

The good news is that the most critical part of client retention is the ability to create the best customer experience possible through the best customer service that you can provide – something you’re no doubt doing already. Keeping sessions fun and varied, and ensuring you give each client personal attention are a great start. The complexity of your retention strategy will depend on whether you’re in the early stages of your career, or more established, and the resources you have access to. But, there are some simple strategies that anyone can try to ensure long-term success, including:

  • Provide every client with a personalised service
  • Create a community among clients with you at the centre where they can share both challenges that they are facing as well as successes
  • Set goals with you clients
  • Re-assess your clients progress regularly to determine if goals are being met
  • Be flexible in your approach to training
  • Take an interest in them personally
  • Follow up with your clients regularly outside of sessions
  • Develop a system of accountability, such as training diaries
  • Build an all-round service by linking with likeminded professionals that can add value to the service that you are offering, such as nutritionists, physios, osteos, etc

It can’t be overemphasised how vital customer service is to retaining your clients. Without a doubt, it’s the most critical part of running your business. Get to know your clients treat them with respect and listen to what they want and need from their sessions, and you’ll be well on the way to building a long-term client base.

Six steps to client retention, Australian Fitness Network