COVID-19 Update

Find out about current restrictions and changes that may affect you. You can also check restrictions in all states and territories using the COVID-19 Restriction Checker.

Physical Activity Australia has developed a COVIDSafe Plan that is relevant to Fitness industry workplaces.

  • VIC: From 11.59pm Thursday 17 June, the restriction in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria will ease.

    Face mask must worn indoors except if at home, or an exception applies, and carry one at all times. The Victorian Government recommends that you wear a mask outdoors when you can’t maintain 1.5 metres from others.

    Metropolitan Melbourne: Indoor physical recreation can open with no more than 1 person per 4 square metres and a maximum venue capacity of 150 people. Maximum venue capacity 150, including no more than 50 indoors and maximum group size, 10 people indoors, 20 outdoor.

    Regional Victoria: Indoor physical recreation is open with a density quotient of 1 person per 4sqm. The maximum venue capacity is 150, including no more than 50 indoors. The maximum group size is10 people for indoors, and 20 people for outdoors.

  • ACT: Sporting organisations, clubs and venues must have a Return to Play in a COVID Safe Environment plan or COVID Safety plan — depending on which one applies. They must display prominently their occupancy limits at the entrance to their venues. The following restrictions apply to sports, pools, gyms bootcamps and personal training.

    • A venue can have more than 25 people if the venue has no more than 1 person per 2 square metres of usable space, either indoors or outdoors. However, the venue must use the Check In CBR app to collect patron contact details.
    • If the venue doesn’t wish to use the Check In CBR app, it can only have 1 person per 4 square metres indoors and 1 person per 2 square metres outdoors.
    • Venues need an exemption to hold more than 500 people. Exemptions are granted for up to 8,000 people.

    These limits exclude staff and officials.

  • NSW: The following restrictions apply to all NSW:

    Gyms can have no more than 1 person per 4 square metres. Up to 50 people can attend gym classes at any one time — if there’s no more than 1 person per 4 square metres. Gyms that are open to the public, including hotel and workplace gyms, must register a COVID Safe Plan. A gym must have a COVID-19 Safe hygiene marshal if more than 25 people use it at any one time.

    These requirements don’t apply to gyms that are not open to the public, such as gyms at residential premises.

    It’s recommended that you:

    • attend the gym during quieter periods
    • practise good hygiene before, during and after working out
    • maintain 1.5m from people you don’t live with
    • wipe down equipment with disinfectant before and after use

    No more than 1 person per 2 square metres can attend the following facilities:

    • yoga, Pilates studios and other recreational facilities
    • martial-arts training facilities
    • dance studios

    You can do classes with no more than 50 people.

    Venues in NSW must use the Service NSW COVID Safe Check-in app and QR code to electronically register customers. COVID Safe Check-in is available to all businesses in NSW and is provided as part of the COVID Safe registration pack. To register, visit, then click on ‘Register as a COVID Safe business’ and then click on ‘COVID Safe registration.’

  • NT: Exercise indoors and outdoors, attend indoor fitness classes such as yoga, Pilates, Zumba and Barre allowed.

  • QLD: The Greater Brisbane region is now under the same restrictions as the rest of Queensland. All sports and recreation can resume, including:

    • personal training and bootcamps, if you stay 1.5 metres a part
    • outdoor and indoor community competition sports, including contact sports
    • running events, if people stay 1.5 metres a part
    • after-school sports
    • contact-based sports

    All fitness centres can also reopen, including:

    • gyms
    • health clubs
    • fitness centres
    • spin, Barre, yoga, dance and Pilates studios
    • swimming pools — must have a COVID Safe Plan

    Where possible, participants should bring their own equipment — such as a yoga mat. During activity, training and competition at indoor and outdoor premises, the total number of people must not exceed 1 person per 2 square metres. Spectators and other people off-field, both at outdoor and indoor premises, must practise physical distancing if they’re not from the same household. All sports and recreation organisations must have a COVID Safe plan.

  • SA: Fitness venue, indoor and outdoor gyms are open. There shouldn’t be more than 1 person per 2 square metres in any venue. You should stay at least 1.5 metres from people you don’t live or associate with regularly. The SA Government strongly recommends that you wear a face mask if you need to leave your home and can’t stay 1.5 metres from others.

  • TAS: Up to 1000 people can gather outdoors and 250 people can gather per undivided indoor space at any one time during exercise and recreational activities. The total number of people cannot exceed 1 person per 2 square metres.
    Sporting and gym facilities must meet COVID safety standards but aren’t required to be staffed at all times when they’re open.

  • WA: Gyms operating unstaffed, but regular cleaning must be maintained.