Why not aim for perfection? Ensure client safety using technical lifting

February 2020

As a personal trainer it’s very likely that you’re providing exercises that involve lifting weight – things like squats, bench press and deadlifts. Did you know that every repetition could potentially cause cumulative damage to the load-bearing joints? While there are some general guidelines that encourage a few basic postural and alignment positions whilst focusing on lifting as much weight as possible, it’s important that you’re providing that extra technical advice to ensure the safety of your clients.

What is technical lifting?

Technical lifting concentrates on developing a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of the certain weight bearing exercises – including squats, bench press, and deadlifts – as well as learning the principles of stability under load to ensure safe execution, and having a strong focus on coaching the intricacies of each lift.

Further to this, technical lifting training involves learning to progress to loaded variants, to further improve client safety.

Why do you need to know about it?

Given the widespread use of these types of exercises in the fitness industry, it’s important that trainers are confident in their ability to instruct these exercises safely and effectively while having the ability to observe, instruct, and provide feedback on their execution.

But ultimately, it’s all about client safety.

By working through a series of exercises and progressively working through instruction, clients can build themselves up to safely maintain stability under load. Using the technical lifting approach means each lift is attempted with perfect execution, which leads to better joint alignment, optimal lifting performance, as well as providing clients and instructors with the necessary injury prevention techniques.

How can I learn about technical lifting?

With the help of veterans in the field of strength and conditioning, Dr Luke Del Vecchio who has over 20 years of experience , Coach Shannon Green, and founder of Australian Combat & Exercise, Hays Daewoud offer a Technical Lifting course to address a gap in the provision of fitness, strength, and conditioning courses.

By: Australian Combat & Exercise – Hays Daewoud, Dr Luke Del Vecchio & Shannon Green