Facing A Crisis? Leadership Tips For Company Board Members

As the current coronavirus pandemic continues, many businesses are lost in terms of leadership and are adopting a ‘what’s next?’ attitude. In times of crisis like these business tips can be vital to keep the business running through these tough and strange times. Here’s some tips to make sure your business comes through the other side of this pandemic.

Leading from personal experience and demonstrating understanding and providing guidance when times get tough is crucial to ensure others remain calm.
Keeping on top of the organisation and ensuring all angles are covered in terms of employee support and being constantly ready for what might be around the corner.

Developing a crisis management plan to ensure the appropriate people are equipped to lead and navigate a crisis and in turn get things back on track when business returns to normal.
Leaders within the organisation should coach and advise employees who may require assistance in the event of a crisis to help keep the company running even in the event of a change of operations.

Listening to concerns and sharing challenges or wisdom are also essential to stay connected with employees and to show empathy for any concerns that may arise.
Being able to provide long-term insights (if applicable) is also fundamental to place the organisation in a better position coming out of a crisis. An open door policy is another great way to show compassion and care for employees by displaying an open ear for any concerns that they may have. In relation to this, ensuring that you can engage all employees at all levels and allow them to voice opinions and share views on topics shows that they are valued and so are their thoughts.

Feedback is another factor that is very important in a crisis, as this shows employees how to improve on tasks or in other ways that will overall benefit the company in the long run.

Lastly, staying calm, focused and working as a unified front will allow a harmonious working environment even in the event of a crisis and will allow you to be on the front foot of the situation.


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