Physical Activity Australia Attending Fitness Show Melbourne

The Fitness Show Melbourne returns to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 26-27, 2019.

Join us at the Fitness Show Melbourne and get access to the latest equipment, learn new skills, meet with key industry players and earn PDPs. (Please note PDP seminars will be held on Sunday 27 October ONLY)

When: 26th and 27th October 2019
Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre,
South Wharf, VIC 3006

As a fitness professional, entry to the show is free until October 23.

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Physical Activity Australia Attending Fitness Show Melbourne

WHAT’S ON 27th OCT 2019
  • Join us on 27th Oct and attain PDPs. You can obtain 1 PDP if you attend 4 seminar/workshops ( Sunday only )
  • You can obtain 2 PDPs if you attend all our 6 seminars/workshops. (Sunday Only)

The Fitness Show Melbourne door’s will be opening from 10:00 am on Sunday 27th Oct and our seminar/workshops will be starting from 10:30 am.

To attend the seminar/workshops, please visit Physical Activity Australia stand (H39) and sign yourself in for the day.

Sunday 27th Oct Timetable:

10:30 am to 11:15 am

Social Media presented by Jono Petrohilos and Travis Mattern from Fitness Education Online

If you’re a PT and you’re winging it on Social Media, sooner or later you’re going to be out of the industry.

You know it too! You probably see “Trainers” that aren’t half the Trainer you are BUT they have more clients than you and are more successful than you, just because they know a few tricks on social media.

You could sit back and rubbish them, but to be honest you’d be just like the out of shape client who doesn’t do anything to get in shape and then bags out everyone else who is actually trying…
You could do something about it…

“Social Media Essentials for Personal Trainers”: The Social Media basics that every PT NEEDS if they want to stay in the industry! It’s designed specifically for the Personal Trainer who wants to be able to compete without having doing a Degree in Marketing or having to become a computer scientist. Come and learn how to save hours of time and get the return you deserve.

11:15 am to 12:00 pm

Fitness Games presented by Jono Petrohilos and Travis Mattern from Fitness Education Online

Fun and getting fit don’t often go together. For a majority of people, the idea of going to the gym, or getting out and exercising is not overly appealing. Furthermore, life is serious business, we’re often worried about bills, being on time, family, work, you name it, it is often adding to our stresses. Fitness doesn’t haven’t to become one of those stresses.

As an adult when was the last time you played a game? Think back to you childhood, where maybe you would slide down a grassy hill on cardboard, then sprint back to the top as quick as you can, to then slide back down to the bottom and repeat, repeat, repeat, not until you got tired, but until it was no longer fun.

A good fitness game should provide this same feeling, time should fly, you shouldn’t be worried about life’s stress, you should be present in the moment, smiling and laughing with the people around you. This is what this session is all about FUN. Now not just any fun, fun that will leaving your lungs burning, your heart pumping and whilst breaking a sweat. If you can get clients leaving the session feeling a little more connected to their peers, smiling or laughing they’re going to be yours for ever!

The key areas of the presentation will be:

  • The importance of creating a community and how this helps your bottom line
  • The role games can play in creating community
  • Games In Action: We will cover approximately 10 of our go to games which are easy to explain, required little to no equipment and leave your clients smiling, sweating and laughing.

12:00 pm to 12:30 pm: lunch break

12:30 pm to 1:15 pm

Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace presented by Kristin McMaster from Health Breaks

Your mental health is not fixed or static and varies during your life time.

Mental health exists on a broad continuum, from positive healthy functioning at one end, through to severe conditions that impact on everyday life at the other. It’s possible to move back and forth on your own personal range in response to different stressors that occur over time.

On average, one in four adults will experience anxiety at some stage in their life and 20% of Australian employees report that they have taken off work due to feeling mentally unwell in the past 12 months.

Organisations with a positive approach to mental health experience increased productivity and improved worker engagement. The concept of taking a short break to do something positive for personal mental wellbeing each day can contribute to addressing the need for proactive mental health. If this is supported and facilitated within the workplace, the impact on population wellbeing would be significant.

This workshop will show you how this can be achieved.

1:15 pm to 2:00 pm

Nutrition for Wellbeing: Using the Food Behaviour Wheel to break down poor eating habits presented by Kristin McMaster from Health Breaks

Most Australian adults know they need to eat healthier foods to attain good health. Despite this, only 7% of our population eat the recommended amount of vegetables on a daily basis and most adults do not meet the recommended guidelines for optimal health.

Moving beyond the foods we eat to the thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that drive our eating habits is the key to making the changes needed in our habitual eating patterns.

This workshop will introduce the Food Health Wheel and Food Behaviour Wheel as a tool to challenge the way your clients eat and set them up to set achievable goals to support their health.

2:00 to 2:30 pm: Coffee break

2:30 to 3:15 pm

Older Adults – Move it or Lose it presented by Sue Stanley from eFit Academy

With our aging population trainers are having to engage more and more with Special Populations and Seniors. Our role as a fitness training is to maintain or improve their flexibility, mobility, strength and cardio for those individuals. Being able to provide specialised fitness for seniors will allow you to capture this much needed market.

In this workshop, you will be able to incorporate fitness for seniors into your training programs and go through:

  • Screening and risk evaluation
  • Physiological changes with aging
  • Instructional styles and presentation skills
  • Motivation techniques
  • And much much more!

By the end you will have the confidence to include this specialised market segment into your fitness business.

3:15 to 4:00 pm

Kids Fitness presented by Sue Stanley from eFit Academy

Children should begin living a healthy active lifestyle at a very early age.

To encourage children we should endeavour to:

  • Expose them to experiences that promote exercise through a fun and stimulating environments, generating a positive attitude towards physical activity!
  • Create an atmosphere which is safe and secure, to develop self-confidence and nurtured their skills so enhance their experience for later on in life.

This presentation will go through some aspects such as:

  • Screening and risk evaluation
  • Be a big kid yourself
  • instructional styles and presentation skills
  • Motivation techniques
  • And much much more!

By the end you will have the confidence to include this specialised market segment into your fitness business.


Jono Petrohilos

Jono is the co-founder and director at Fitness Education Online, an organization which specialises in providing professional development for Personal Trainers.

Jono is a qualified Exercise Physiologist, published author, host of the successful podcast “The Bootcamp Blueprint” and admin of the largest Facebook Group in Australia for Fitness Professionals “Fitness Education Online Community”.

Instagram: @jono_petrohilos

Travis Mattern

Travis is a qualified personal trainer with over 10 years experience, working in various settings. His niche and expertise is on Bootcamps and Functional Training.

Travis is the Co-Founder of Fitness Education Online, the leading provider of online professional development for personal trainers and home to one of the largest Facebook communities of personal trainers in Australia, with over 10 000 members.

He has since co-authored a book “The Bootcamp Blueprint” and presented on the topic internationally.

Kristin McMaster

Kristin has over 20 years experience of owning businesses in the health and fitness sector.

She founded Fitnation Pty Ltd in 1995 becoming the first national provider of formal education for personal trainers during the emergence of this sector of the industry. She developed over 50 innovative professional development and certifying courses in health, leading the company to substantial success.

After selling Fitnation, she realised there was more to building a healthy global population than making fit people fitter and founded Health Coaches International- a health coach education company and, more recently, Enact Health Group, focussing on innovative solutions for the promotion of workplace health and wellbeing.

Qualifications: Masters in Nutrition, ICF Accredited Health Coach, Graduate Diploma in Business (Sports Management), Diploma Fitness, BA Rec Management.

Sue Stanley

Sue Stanley began winning gold medals for competitive aerobics on the international stage in 1993. She was undefeated both at a national and international level for four years, amassing 35 consecutive wins for three World Championship titles, numerous international titles and nine consecutive Australian championships, she represented Australia at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games.

Later in 2000 Sue won gold and achieved the title of Ms Fitness World Champion 2000.
Sue has now turned her attention to encouraging Australians of all ages to take care of themselves and enjoy life to the fullest. She has authored two books, and was editor of Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine.

In 1994 Sue founded “Fitcorp”, one of the leading corporate fitness companies in Australia. Sue is now the owner and founder of a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), eFit Academy.
Sue Stanley is one of Australia’s most respected motivational and lifestyle speakers. She has travelled the world captivating audiences with her knowledge and experience.