How Good Posture Can Keep Your Stress Levels Down

Australia’s leading posture expert Dell-Maree Day says improving your posture immediately takes pressure off your organs being compressed and your bones being bent out of alignment, thus making your body and mind feel more relaxed.

Some key posture tips to instantly decrease stress:

  1. Learn to breathe properly: Engage in regular breathing exercises, if you find yourself stressed or slouched over your desk during the work day, take a few moments to reset you positioning and take a few breaths.
  2. Get the most out of lying down: Lying on your back, bend your knees so that the soles of your feet are comfortably on the ground and not too close or too far from your bottom. Place your arms to each side in an anatomical position. This means your arms angle out from your body and your hands will be roughly 30 cm from your sides.
  3. Combine the lying posture with breathing technique: keep your arms still and breathe in. Blow gently through your lips and think this thought: sternum down towards the floor. As you think that, all of your abdominal and breathing muscles immediately activate to flatten your abs and strengthen your body front and back. The act of concentrating on your breathing and adding this thought will centre your mind.

  4. Keep calm whilst upright: We tend to spend a lot of time standing or lying around, unfortunately this results in us often looking down at our phones. When we are on phones or computers for a prolonged period this tends to pull the neck forward resulting in a hunchback. When standing still, look straight ahead with your feet 10cm apart. Stand as tall and relaxed as possible. You will instantly look and feel slimmer as your lower and upper back will lift and your shoulders will relax. This will reduce strain throughout your spine, especially your upper torso and neck.