How to Balance Your Time as an Online and Face-to-Face PT

The life and schedule of a Personal Trainer can look a little bit different to the average person working the usual Monday to Friday 9-5 grind. The opportunity to work independently and on a flexible schedule that works for you is one of the best things about a career in the fitness industry. You can be your own boss, set your preferred availabilities, and build a successful business in a thriving industry that is continuing to grow.

There’s no denying that building or managing a successful business takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but it doesn’t mean your whole life needs to get thrown out the window. And while it will definitely take some experimenting and some trial and error, once you get the balance right, you’ll reap the rewards of having two successful components to your business, and also have time to enjoy the finer things in life!

Here are some tips to help balance your time:

Create a Schedule

Creating a weekly plan will provide a foundation for you to manage your time and schedule efficiently. Designing a template for your week can be pretty simple – all you need to do is specify in advance how you want to spend your time during the week.

Structuring your week in advance will ensure you are delegating enough time to each part of your business, while also allowing time for yourself.

Allocating Clients to a Regular Time

Locking in a regular time with your face-to-face clients is super beneficial. Not only will it keep your schedule consistent and at a time that suits you, it will also help foster a long-term relationship with that client as it will enable them to build their personal training sessions into their weekly routine.

When building your schedule, aim to create blocks of sessions. If you’re booking a client into your diary, always try and place them next to another client. This way, once you finish with one client, you’ll move straight to the next. This will help you avoid unproductive dead time between clients and allow you to spend your time at the gym much more effectively.

Use Your Time Effectively

There’s no doubting that things won’t always go to plan! You can try and get your clients in back-to-back, but it doesn’t always work. Someone will cancel on you last minute. A client will ask to change their session time half an hour before you’re due to start.

These things happen so try not to get too caught up on it. Instead, use this time effectively and get on top of some daily tasks.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

The concept of working smarter and not harder most definitely applies when you’re trying to balance your role as both an online and face-to-face trainer. You might think that it’s great that you’re so committed to your career that you never switch off, but overworking yourself won’t make you a better PT.

Make a point of prioritising your productivity over the number of hours you put in.

Pick the Right Platform

Going online with your personal training services can be a little daunting! If you haven’t had much experience in website development or the tech space. Choosing the right social media platform to promote your business is crucial to taking that first step in driving your career goals and getting your business out there.