How to turn a free PT session into a long-term client

One of the best ways to get new clients on board is to offer a free introductory session. This is your opportunity to dazzle them with your PT skills and to also make them feel welcome and comfortable in the gym or studio environment. Creating a great first impression is key to turning prospective clients into ongoing clients. Check out these easy tips!

  1. Call your new client the night before their appointment – call, don’t text. Not only does this serve as a reminder, but it demonstrates your professionalism and gives you the opportunity to begin to build a rapport and answer any questions they may have.
  2. Introduce the new client to at least three people in the gym during the first session. Treat new clients like a guest in your home and introduce them to your friends, co-workers, and other gym members. Knowing names and faces help your clients feel like they belong and builds their confidence, which are factors that will increase the time they spend in the gym.
  3. Set the tone of your trainer-client relationship with the first workout. Turn up your energy and “fun factor” during the complimentary session.
  4. Ask “yes” questions during the session. The point of the “yes” questions is to make the clients confirm over and over again that they do want to be in better shape; they do want to improve their health; they do need help in constructing their workouts and nutrition plans; and they do need a personal trainer, you. This way when it comes time to purchase personal training sessions, they are already primed to say “yes.”
  5. Give them two options to choose from when selecting a package. Offer your package in question such as, “Based on your goals and what you want to achieve, we should train together three or four times a week for three months. Which one of these options do you want to do?” Don’t just say, “Would you like to buy personal training?” and look at them hopefully.
  6. Believe in yourself. Demonstrate that you are confident so that clients can be reassured that you will help them achieve their goals.