PTs, are you Spring ready?

Athlete sprinting, female pt small
Have you had enough of slogging through cold, wintry mornings and nights, negotiating cancellations, illness and the inevitable clients off to a European summer (nobody likes them!)? We’re all dreaming of the warmer months, but are you also thinking about what you can offer your clients, and how you can attract new clients, as the seasons change?

The seasons change in a hurry. While you might have a few clients now training to be snow ready, there’s a whole lot who are already day dreaming of sunshine and sea. Are you tapping into those daydreams and communicating the ‘pre-season’ training regimen that is needed to be feeling and looking fit, healthy and amazing when the sun warms us again? When they think beach, summer and have visions of themselves in their warm happy place, do they suddenly think ‘training’ and the great sessions that you are offering, despite the lure of the couch?

Remember – failing to plan is planning to fail. There’s a cliché to make you cringe, but how about crafting a targeted marketing campaign to fill the gaps in your work schedule? How can you value add to your income and create opportunities that inspire clients and stimulate and challenge you as well?

Here are some ideas:

  • Add in a well-priced regular series of group sessions that attract existing and new clients. It can value add to the work you do with your one on one clients. Why not incentivise it and offer your existing clients a free group session if they bring someone new.
  • Create special offers for the off-peak hours you have trouble selling and offer them in packs of 3, 5 or 10.
  • Partner with a qualified nutrition expert and offer a pre-summer habit changing program – spark up your clients interest with something different!
  • If you specialize in a discipline of skills set, for example strength and conditioning, why not create a small group offer to take clients to the next level or draw new clients to your business.
  • How will you communicate this to your current clients and prospective clients? Do you have a website? Facebook or Twitter?

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