For points’ sake? For your sake!

Why get educated? Why not? How do you keep up with change by standing still?

There are several great reasons for furthering your education whether it is formal or on the job learning.
First and foremost is the incentive of what’s in it for me? We all think it, even if we don’t say it out loud. Learning more increases the likelihood of you enjoying your work, growing as a person and developing skills to create opportunities to generate more income? Does this resonate with you?

How about what’s in it for my clients? How much more stimulated are clients likely to be when you are able to consistently apply growing knowledge and new ideas to their training? We all know people easily grow bored or more often find every excuse imaginable to quit. We also deal with an increasingly knowledgeable general public, so staying a step ahead gives you a much better chance to maintain your expert service.

Keeping up in an industry that constantly evolves and shifts in thinking could be another reason. Given that many people make minimal effort developing their skills, it’s a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and be a trainer of choice.

PAA has a point’s recognition system for renewing your registration, as do many industry bodies all over the world. We encourage you to pursue your own pathway and the education you want as recognised under our flexible recognition of professional development policy and leave the points to take care of themselves.

The best trainers in the industry explore their own education and passionately build on their skills sets, delivering a quality of service to their strong client base. They generally end up with points to cover their professional registration as a matter of course. Contact us to learn more about our flexible recognition policy for ongoing education.

The PAA staff are all qualified PTs and are always happy to chat and answer your questions. Give us a call on 1300 784 467.