What are the keys to success?

If I had to identify keys to success I have observed when meeting with PAA members, it’s easy to single out passion, energy and care for people. If you add in skills, knowledge and communication the picture of a successful trainer becomes pretty clear.

Like most people working in the fitness industry, my passion is people and a genuine pleasure for me is engaging with industry members and getting to know you and hearing your stories. I’m frequently reminded of not only the challenges of working in our industry, but also of the passion, authenticity and genuine care our trainers demonstrate with their clients.

As an organisation, we are a product of our membership. That is the challenge and the charm as we work to get to know you and respond to your needs while encouraging you to continue your education in our evolving industry.

If it’s passion and human connection that drives you, you will stand out in a growing and highly competitive industry. This is no easy feat, but our feature registrant in this newsletter, Marrion Saunders, is an example of what can be achieved with compassion, a commitment to ongoing education and a willingness to take a risk and try something new.