Building a lasting career

Each year, 20,000 people graduate from fitness courses in Australia, ready to make their mark on an industry that’s valued at $1.3 billion annually. New graduates only spend an average of 12 months in this saturated marketplace before leaving; often because they are not equipped with the appropriate skills to carve out a career in this highly competitive industry. Trainers who have built a lasting career will tell you that the life of a PT is not glamorous – it’s early mornings, late nights and lots of down time in between. We should be proud of what we’re trying to achieve in our industry – supporting people in their dreams to become more active and live healthier lives. But to really get ahead, we also need to be business minded. We need to focus on building strong business skills and committing to ongoing professional development.

Our regsitrants’ Trainers Toolkit has all the info you need when you’re setting up your own business, including
the steps you need to take to start your own business and client templates. It’s your go-to resource. Plus, our extensive library of courses, programs and workshops will provide you with the inspiration you need to take your skills and qualifications to the next level. If there’s a course you’re interested in that isn’t listed – no problem! We know that there are some great courses out there that we haven’t accredited. We pride ourselves on being flexible in recognising professional opportunities – ead rreagive us a call on 1300 784 467 to find out more.

Putting time and effort into these key areas gives trainers the opportunity to diversify and open new doors within the fitness industry and beyond.