InForm May 2016: Winter is coming!

It’s getting colder, which means it can be more challenging to keep clients motivated when their bed is warm and the world outside is cold. It is also a time when people travel to escape winter, leaving many a PT with empty prime time spots. How will you keep your clients – and yourself – motivated at this time of the year?

A simple but wise piece of advice is to always be planning three months in advance. Obvious? Sure. Easy to be lulled into complacency? Equally sure.

When you’re looking to maximise the next 3 months, client commitment can be booked in with some clever ideas that spike their interest. What about a ‘Winter Challenge”? A structured group fitness activity or friendly competitive initiative to have individual clients racing each other or themselves to hit goals or achieve personal targets. Offer a prize that might include a free session or two, or something related to the warmer months to remind them that summer bodies are built in winter!

You could also identify where you know the gaps will be in your schedule and organise a special offer that can offset the shortfall and also offer an opportunity for potential new clients to experience what you have to offer. For example, a small group session that runs across a month or so where a regular client is away. This can not only cover some or your shortfall, but also provide a great opportunity to meet new potential clients and give them an inexpensive introduction to your service.

Get creative now and enjoy a successful winter that will keep you and your clients excited about training.