Your career – find your passion

Passion. Isn’t it a great word? When we’re passionate about something, we have more energy, we work harder, we get more creative and we inspire others. As a trainer, whatever your passion is, we will help you reach your goal. That’s why we offer flexible recognition of relevant professional development.

So what does this mean? We believe your learning and professional development needs to be tailored to the areas you are passionate about, so you can improve your skills and knowledge and increase your enjoyment of your work. We have an extensive range of courses available that will help many trainers reach their goals. But we will also consider any other course that you want to pursue.

Your first step is to find a course. If it’s not listed on our website, but is relevant to your business and / or the fitness industry, give us a call. We need to see an overview of the course so we can assess its eligibility and to determine the level of recognition (number of PDPs). Then once you’ve completed the course, you just need to send us through your certificate of completion.

Your education or professional development is what defines you and your business and singles you out as a high quality professional trainer; it is much more than a tick-the-box-exercise so you can re-register.

Registration is not only an ethical choice as an industry member, but also a decision that you make to be accountable to always getting better. Let us help you pursue your fitness passions so you can become the best trainer you can be.