Keep your Clients/Members engaged

A recent study found that there is higher satisfaction and willingness to recommend a business/Gym/studio/leisure centre when members have more than one reason to go to that business to work out – especially if they take part in group exercise sessions. On the other hand, the longer someone is a member of a business, the less likely he/she is to have a high level of satisfaction and will actively promote the business. That’s where your interaction as a business owner/staff member comes into play. You need to keep your members active and make them feel like they’re just as much a part of your fitness business as you are.

Here are some ideas to keep your clients/customers engaged and improve retention:

  1. An automated Welcome Email campaign can set the tone for a long-term relationship.
  2. Learn clients’ names and introduce your clients to new instructors/stuff.
  3. Keep asking your clients/customers questions. Get to know your clients and develop real relationships with them. If they share something important such as their birthdays, make a note of it and schedule a reminder for yourself to follow up.
  4. Highlight hard work by choosing a member of the week/month and celebrate milestones.
  5. Client engagement on social media is a very effective way to increase the level of satisfaction. You can host a social media challenge to get the word out. You may also take photos after classes, share on social media and tag your clients/customers. Creating a selfie station can help your clients to show off their hard work on their personal social media. Have your logo or a branded hashtag painted on the selfie station.
  6. Be creative within your environment. Plan themed classes and throw studio anniversary parties or bring in live music to your sessions. Workouts to live music are so much fun and memorable.
  7. Use automated email to celebrate your clients’ anniversaries.

Reference: MindBody Business