Keeping your clients motivated

Have you ever had clients who regularly turn up late to a session, mumbling about how hard it was to get out of bed? Have you seen clients frequently checking the clock during their workout? Have you seen clients progressively putting less and less into their sessions? Are you worried they’re about to drop out? Even if you haven’t answered yes to any of these questions, it’s vital that you have a variety of strategies in place to keep all your clients connected to their exercise plan – and to you. It’s important that you try and address your concerns as soon as you notice their motivation levels are dropping.

Here are some ways you can re-energise your clients:

  1. Tackle your client straight away with a direct enquiry such as, “I’ve got the feeling you’re struggling with motivation at the moment.” If your client isn’t struggling, you won’t be putting the thought into their heads, and they’ll be quick to reassure you. They’ll also be pleased that you’re keeping an eye on them and checking in – people love to feel that they’re important. If they are lacking in motivation, asking them straight out gives you the opportunity to workshop solutions with them.
  2. Make a time with your client to review their program. Sometimes people need a change or new challenges to reconnect them to their commitment to exercise.
  3. Review their fitness goals. Long-term goals are easy to set, but it’s the incremental short-term goals that will keep people on track and determined to eventually reach their long-term aims.
  4. Keeping your clients motivated

  5. Ask your client why they wanted to get fit in the first place. Did they want to lose weight? Were they looking for improved strength? Was there a specific event they were training for? When they remember why it was important to them to invest the time and energy and money into their health, you’ll easily be able to reconnect them to their original reasons for exercising. Even if these reasons are no longer valid, they valued their investment before, and reconnecting will help them value it again.
  6. Stay positive. Your clients feed off your energy – your positive, cheerful mood is contagious.
  7. Make workouts fun. Workouts are meant to be hard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun as well. Nothing is more de-motivating than miserable training sessions. Try to design workout plans that are varied and interesting. Watch your clients and see what they enjoy and respond well to, and plan future sessions accordingly.
  8. As a successful personal trainer, you should have an online presence and create a sense of community with your clients, even if that just comes in the form of an Instagram account or a Facebook page. Encourage your clients to be social with you and make an effort to share motivational images, posts and quotes, as well as start discussions to keep people in the loop.
  9. Importantly, motivated clients are clients that are much more likely to stay with you. Motivation is a key retention strategy. Find out about other strategies you can use to retain your clients.

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