Keeping Your Routine on Lock

Having a good routine and keeping this routine can be vital to starting off your day positively and therefore, having a good day overall.

Routines are more important than ever with the new norms we are facing through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some ways to keep up a good routine are:

Going to bed:

Ensuring an adequate amount of sleep is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. A good night’s sleep makes keeping a routine a lot easier. Prioritising sleep, over staying up late to scroll through social media or watching a TV series, will help you feel recharged and ready to tackle the next day.

Developing a bedtime routine is also a good way to wind down at night and allows your body to understand that it is time to start to relax and go to bed.

Morning routines are just as important as night routines, allowing you to start your day on the right foot. This can include having a cup of coffee and relaxing, having a nice breakfast or doing a quick workout or yoga session.

Staying active:

This plays a major part in being able to stay on track with our routine. Being active allows us to feel more motivated and refreshed throughout the day. Also, this is where your role, as a fitness professional, plays an important part in your clients’ physical and mental health. Creating fitness goals can help to keep you and your clients motivated to stay active and maintain your routines.

Eating and drinking right:

Ensuring your body receives good nutrition and fuel to maintain energy and overall immunity. Staying hydrated is important and drinking plenty of water throughout the day helps to achieve this.

Practicing mindfulness:

This is another important part of keeping on track with a routine. It assists our bodies to maintain healthy habits. It can be done through something as simple as a breathing exercise or a meditation activity.

Always remember to only focus on what you can control with your routine. There will always be factors that are out of our control. Focussing your energy on achievable tasks will have many positive impacts on your overall mental-wellbeing and allow you to control your stress levels, which will assist you to keep on-top of your routine.