Morning or Evening Exercise – which one is better?

New research has found exercise may effect the body differently depending on the time of the day. A recent study from University of Copenhagen has found morning and evening exercise effects the body differently. Morning exercise can enhance metabolism function, while exercising in the evening can affect the energy expenditure.

Circadian rhythm plays an important role on our sleep and food intake. Based on circadian rhythm, we know when to sleep and how much sleep we need. Our body metabolism function decreases on nighttime and increases in the morning. As circadian rhythm is important for sleep and metabolism function, understanding the impact of exercise performed at different times of the day is also important for physiology and metabolism system. A study has found, exercise in the morning creates more effects on metabolising sugar and fat, while exercise in the evening, increases whole body energy expenditure for an extended period of time.

Professor Jonas Thue Treebak, one of the researchers said: “On this basis we cannot say for certain which is best, exercise in the morning or exercise in the evening. At this point, we can only conclude that the effects of the two appear to differ, and we certainly have to do more work to determine the potential mechanisms for the beneficial effects of exercise training performed at these two time-points. We are eager to extend these studies to humans to identify if timed exercise can be used as a treatment strategy for people with metabolic diseases”.

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