Music can help less-active people become more active

Fast tempo music can motivate your clients to do high-intensity exercise (HIIT) based on recent study. A study investigated HIIT sessions under three different conditions, including; motivational music condition, no audio condition and a podcast that was devoid of music condition, have found a greater enjoyment of HIIT and raised heart rates and peak power in the session with fast tempo music compared to the no-audio and podcast sessions.

“Music is typically used as a dissociative strategy. This means that it can draw your attention away from the body’s physiological responses to exercise such as increased heart rate or sore muscles. But with high-intensity exercise, it seems that music is most effective when it has a fast tempo and is highly motivational.” Sadie Matthew Stork, one of the researchers.

This research indicates, fast tempo music can not only help the people who are less active work harder physically during HIIT, but it can also help them enjoy HIIT training. This may ultimately give your clients an extra boost to try your session again in the future.

Read the full article here: ScienceDaily