A new way to earn points while you work

We’re pleased to announce a new way to accrue Professional Development Points (PDPs). Our self-learning program recognises the hard work you put in with your clients and the time, patience and motivation you provide. Cert IV qualified PTs can now accrue 3 PDPs by taking on a client case study. Track the work you do with a client and the subsequent results over a 12-week period by recording client details, goals and results in our Client Case Study Template. The results do not have to demonstrate significant weight loss or body mass changes. It’s about reflecting on what you have learnt through the process.

Points to remember:

  • Submitted template must demonstrate a minimum of 12 continuous weeks’ progress tracking
  • Goals and outcomes must be measurable, eg weight loss, strength increase, hypertrophy, improvement in VO2, mobility improvement in rehabilitated injury, increase/improvement in running/cycling distance or time
  • Client must consent to all measurements and methods used
  • Trainer must work within their scope of practice. e.g. no nutritional planning or boxing training unless you hold relevant qualifications
  • Only one client case study can be submitted in any two-year registration period
  • All sections of the template must be completed to fulfill PDP requirements
  • Incomplete submissions will not be considered
  • Content quality will be measured against PAA’s high standards, including clear, concise sentences or bullet points for each criterion
  • All supporting documentation must be provided

Contact the PAA office for more information: 1300 784 467.