October message

Hope the sunshine is starting to make your days brighter! The weather is prompting a lot of folks to step up and move. It’s a fantastic time of year to generate new business and really build rapport and loyalty with clients to lead into 2016.

Are you making the most of it?

How are you expanding beyond your peak-time activity? Are you maximising the off-peak hours and tapping into opportunities with potential clients who have flexibility during the day?

Trainers are often less enthused about training older, less mobile clients. But as our ageing population continues to grow, this demographic represents a great training opportunity. Ensure you are registered with PAA and qualified to work with older adults. Be that trainer who connects with this group – remember they’re frequently available during the off peak times.

Have you thought about captive, ready-made audiences? Why not contact your local primary school and see if you can run a group session for parents dropping the kids at school? 9am drop off or 3pm pick-up could bookend your peak morning/evening sessions and potentially add significant income during schools terms and beyond.

Corporate lunchtime sessions may seem obvious, but how are you recruiting your corporate clients? Set yourself up to approach businesses larger than 1-3 staff. If it’s a major business, prepare to meet with a decision maker or HR manager – they will be more likely to generate opportunities for you. Offer a convenient and competitive opportunity to workers that fits in with their day.

Tip: Make sure you’re insured, have qualifications certificates and proof of registration. Build this into a risk management pack with:

  • Exercise pre screening tools
  • Up-to-date first aid and CPR qualifications
  • Training plan (incorporating activity and equipment selection and demonstrating knowledge of trainer / participant ratios)
  • Weather conditions risk management plan
  • Working with Children Check if required

This will make sourcing permits much easier and demonstrate professionalism to councils, businesses and other relevant organisations. Go in armed and organized.

We’d love to hear from you as we seek to share ideas and information throughout the PAA community. Tell us about something that is building your off peak activity or share an inspiring story. Send any news or story ideas through to [email protected] or 1300 784 467.

Have a fantastic month inspiring and assisting people to make change.


Ben Cooper
General Manager