Physical Activity Australia Supports Fitness Students

Physical Activity Australia is committed to supporting the transition of students of Sage Institute to ongoing education opportunities following the recent closure of all campuses.

In collaboration with industry partners, registered training organisations and other key stakeholders, PAA is exploring opportunities to support transition to legitimate providers of ASQA approved fitness qualifications. “There are very clear fitness industry minimum qualification requirements that we adhere to and Physical Activity Australia will work to support opportunities for Sage students to transition to organisations offering these” said General Manager Ben Cooper.

“This is all about offering students a clear pathway to successful completion of a legitimate qualification and enabling them to pursue their chosen career. Students should have confidence in their chosen pathway and the investment they are making”.

“There have been a number of instances of organisations compromising the quality and integrity of our industry and this needs to stop. Fitness professionals are educated, passionate, professional people who deserve their hard work and high standards to be upheld and supported by the industry at large”.

In a statement released by the administrators, students have been advised to contact the ACPET Activations team on 1800 875 474 to discuss their situation.