Protect Biodiversity in Sport

According to a new guide published on Earth day by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), sports events and their organisers should take a step to protect natural environment.

The “Mitigating biodiversity impacts of sports events”, provide guidelines to sports event organisers on how to reduce the impact on biodiversity and promote its conservation throughout all phases of event planning. Some of these guidelines can be implemented in an outdoor PT session.

“A healthy environment is essential to successful sports events as it is to society at large. We know that we can enjoy sports and celebrate our athletes while managing the environmental impacts of these events,” said IUCN Acting Director General, Dr Grethel Aguilar. “As this new guide shows, sports events can end in a win-win for both people and nature if they are planned, designed and executed with conservation goals in mind.”

Sporting events can promote the public awareness about the value of nature. They attract some of the largest audiences, creating an opportunity to set a good example, showcase best practice and encourage people to support conservation.

The “Mitigating biodiversity impacts of sports events” guides, provides a step-by-step approach strategic planning that will help reduce risks to nature. Some of the actions include: conducting biodiversity impact assessments; ensuring the event’s lighting and sound systems do not disturb endangered wildlife near events; erecting barriers to ensure spectators do not disturb fragile ecosystems; taking action to stem the spread of invasive species; and, adopting good stewardship practices on site.

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