Resolution or evolution?

canstockphoto41144096So, we are once again eye-balling the end of a year and marvelling at how fast the year went by. Nobody can believe it’s Christmas, even though, despite our complete disbelief, it happens at the same time every year. Who would have thought?! So it’s probably time we threw around a few New Year’s resolutions and a whole lot of festive optimism during the season! Why not? That’s what we do each year!

However, before we start throwing resolutions about with reckless abandon, it’s a perfect opportunity to think about what we might actually do. Perhaps you have a new challenge in mind, or something you could be doing better next year? I will spare you the clichés other than to say that preparing for next year now and giving yourself some motivating change will only contribute positively to your business or work.

Take some time now to build a strategy around new skills sets that you can add to spark new interest for yourself and clients. If you are finding it difficult in areas on your business such as management systems or communications, book in to learn more about these. Our Trainers Toolkit has some basics in marketing your business, plus we have a range of accredited business courses that can give the administrative side of your business the boost it may need.

Or maybe it’s new knowledge in a different area of exercise that you have thought about expanding into but not quite committed to. Our full range of accredited courses could provide you with the new ideas you’ve been looking for.

Putting these things in place now can not only refocus you for 2017, but will also make it easier for you to stop, relax and really enjoy the Christmas period with family and friends, knowing that you are organised and have things to look forward to next year.

Otherwise, have a happy and safe new year and take some time for yourself to rest, rejuvenate and reflect on the year just gone.

Merry Christmas from all at PAA and we look forward to seeing you next year.