Software programs for fitness professionals, here’s our pick!

Software programs for fitness professionals

Being a self-employed fitness professional requires you to wear many hats. Besides generic business operations you have to ensure that you have the tools to invoice clients, schedule trainers, create new programs, manage your expenditure, payroll and much more!

Whether you are a larger fitness business. a boutique personal trainer studio or self-employed professional, finding the right software for your business can be a struggle, We’ve done the hard yards for you and found a few great software programs that might be a solution for you. Here’s our pick:




  • It makes online booking easy and flawless
  • Offer a 1 month free trial
  • Great for for booking and managing your fitness business. 24/7 scheduling, merchant services / POS, email marketing, reports and so much more
  • Great calendar functionality with drag drop, recurring bookings and notifications
  • POS and credit card options available
  • Automatic text reminders are a great function


  • Slow credit card processing
  • You advertise for them whenever you reach out to clients

Pricing from $25.00/month


MINDBODY: Fitness Software


  • Very well known software, marketed greatly.
  • All-in-one point of sale
  • Stores client history in their profile
  • Able to send personalized messages to potential clients
  • Minimize no-shows through automated reminders
  • Clients are able to log into the system and manage their billing info, payments, class sign up etc.
  • Finally, you can process payroll quickly to ensure your employees are paid on time.
  • Better suited to bigger gyms, yoga studios and physio/massage clinics
  • Cloud based, offers great support and online training.


  • Expensive
  • Complicated software with lots of options.
  • There is no easy option to book appointments directly on your own website except by embedding the healcode which will talk to all major platforms such as WordPress, Weebly and Wix.

Some say the software is horrible due to the lack of customer support and lack of functionality. Read more here.

Pricing from $125/month


Zen Planner

Gym Management Software for Fitness Studio & Gym Owners Zen Planner is advertised as an Advanced, All-in-One Fitness Business Software. Here are the pros and cons.


  • The app simplifies membership management functions and business operations.
  • Advertised for multiple gym settings such as gym owner, martial arts studio, yoga studio and affiliate gym.
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of options to make online accounting, marketing and attendance easier
  • great for managing clients with a good client portal
  • compatible with iOS and Android
  • Well received by crossfit gyms and martial arts studios


  • Reporting is a little confusing and takes too much time
  • Great software but it takes some time to get used to
  • Limited and expensive credit payment/online payment options.
  • Lack of online video training for new staff.
  • Not really cost effective for small gyms.

Pricing from $85/month




  • Software looks modern and is quite intuitive to use
  • Web and app version
  • Pretty good client portal
  • Allows you to go fully paperless
  • Good integration with other apps such as nutrition evolution, mind body online, my fitness pal and social media
  • Offers a 30 day free trial
  • Suitable for independent trainers as well as fitness clubs
  • Free to use for 1 client
  • Great for online personal training


  • There doesn’t seem to be an ability to sell pre made programs for online personal training
  • Tracking individual personal training sessions still not easily done
  • Requires client to have an internet connection
  • Messaging and notifications could be clearer and more prominent
  • Unable to access workout templates from the app
  • Unable to change/update training plans of multiple clients at once – having to go one by one is really time consuming

Pricing from $4.50 per month for 2 clients


Software takeaway

To help you choose the best program for your business, clearly establish what functionality is a must have for you, and determine what programs your new software program is going to have to integrate with.

Once you determine your must have functionality it will be easier for you to choose the right product as you can then prioritise based on functionality. From there you can decide what other features would be ‘nice to have’.

It’s always worth to try before you buy so take advantage of the free trials that are available. Also speak to your local fitness professionals or research online forums to hear what others have to say about the software. Keep in mind that each business is different and therefore establish your must have requirements before you choose a solution.

There are plenty other software programs available such as:

  • Virtuagym
  • Pike13
  • WellnessLiving
  • Powerdiary
  • My PT Hub
  • PT Minder
  • PT Distinction