Summer time – how can you turn up the heat when business is slow?

For most Australians, the onset of summer means it’s time to unwind and relax. Unfortunately if you’re a PT, this often means a downturn in business over the summer months. It’s easy to start to worry when business is slow that you’re doing something wrong. Too much time on our hands can make us think too much! But what if you reframed your thinking and used those quieter periods for your advantage? Take advantage of the extra time at your disposal and plan ahead, review your marketing, sign up to some professional development courses… you could even have some fun!

Here are five ways you can beat the heat this summer and plan for the busier times that are just around the corner.

  1. Search for other income streams
    Quieter periods are a great time to think about how to use your expertise in different money-making ways. Local partnerships are beneficial for all parties involved – are there local businesses or health professionals you could explore partnerships with?

    It may sound ambitious, but writing and producing an ebook is a great way to boost your profile and earn some extra money – and it’s not as hard as it may sound. They’re easy to sell on big sites like Amazon and other ebook sites, and there are plenty of websites that can help you put one together.

  2. Experiment with new marketing techniques
    With more time on your hands, you can research and experiment with different marketing tools and techniques.

    If you’re new to Instagram, get your page set up as a “Business Page” (look in your settings), and use the new insight features to see how well different posts do. When the next big training season comes around, you’ll know exactly when and what to post to drive the most engagement. Other social media channels to try include Snapchat, Facebook and automated emails that are content and sales-based. Ultimately, the most important part is not what you try, but how you track your success. Check out our Trainers Toolkit for more ways to boost your marketing.

  3. Update your skills
    Trying to fit professional development into your schedule when you’re a small business owner is tricky. So what better time to earn a few PDPs (Professional Development Points) then when you have some more time on your hands. It’s a great opportunity to acquire new training techniques, brush up on existing skills and think about what new skills and knowledge will bring to your training. Check out our Accredited Courses and Workshops for some inspiration.
  4. Write blog posts
    Have you got a website that you’re finding hard to update and refresh with new content? Then start writing! Updated web content, often in the form of blog posts is a great way to attract new clients, make your site more visible on Google, and give you content for your social media channels. Set yourself a goal of 1 or 2 new blog posts each week. You don’t have to publish them all straight away, just prep them and have them ready to go at regular intervals.
  5. Join a local fitness group or sports club
    What better way to market yourself and your business than by meeting people who are interested in health and fitness? Chat with them, find out what they want from their fitness routine, show them how knowledgeable you are – all without being too ‘salesy’ – you want the conversation to happen naturally and comfortably. Don’t forget to always have your business cards handy!
  6. And finally…
    Yes, this is your 6th tip in our top 5, bt it’s too important not to include. Go on holiday yourself. If all your clients are doing it, why shouldn’t you!

Source: Overcoming seasonality in personal training