The Importance of Sport for Kids

It is well known that physical activity is vital for the growth and development of children to flourish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Advertising the importance of sport and physical activity at a young age is vital for development and provides a number of benefits for growing children.

Sport provides a variety of physical, emotional and social benefits for kids that creates healthy behaviour that can continue into adulthood. Basic motor skills are acquired by roughly six years of age and most children are able to participate in organised sport.

Modified games are increasingly common among sports for young children, as complex motor skills aren’t quite grasped at young ages. Modified rules, teamwork and strategies can also be applied. This modified concept can be used until more complex motor skills can be performed, and children are usually able to progress to more organised sports.

Sport should be an inclusive and fun opportunity for participants, whilst also providing a variety of social and personal skills to help further develop a child’s sense of health and wellbeing.