Time in nature can boost mental health

Exercise is one of the few things that all researchers agree has additional health elements.

But does it matter where you do your exercise?

Does a gym work-out have the same health benefits as a bootcamp in an outdoor area?

The truth is any exercise is better than no exercise, doctor and researcher Sandro Demaio told ABC Life.

“But there is some interesting evidence that running on a treadmill does not give the same mental health benefits as running outside, and it may not give you the same happy hormone boost as running outside,” Dr Demaio said.

“That makes sense because you’re not just running to improve your heart health and get the blood moving around the body and improve your fitness. You’re also outside seeing things, smelling things and getting fresh air. All those things will have an effect.”

When the training is outdoor and in nature the focus will change from any attentional fatigue to external objects.

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