Warm-Ups: Are They Really That Important?

We’ve all heard that we should warm-up before we engage in sport or activities, to prepare our body for movement and to perform at our best level, but are they really beneficial as we think?

The answer is YES.

Warm-ups form a part of strength and conditioning, and are an essential part to any physical activity session. The main goal of warming up is to reduce your risk of injury and improve movement efficiency, so you can achieve optimal performance.

Warm-ups are particularly beneficial when they relate to the overall session and goals, and are structured in a way that makes sense for you upcoming movements.

Research shows that skipping a warm-up before an activity or sport increases the likelihood of injury, as muscles are not stabilised and range of motion has not been established.

Doing warm-ups that replicate movements in your upcoming sport of activity resulted in improved performance, 79% of the time.

Warm-ups should challenge the body in relation to mechanics, joint stability and flexibility. Once your warm-up is complete, you should feel ready and equipped to undertake a sport or activity straight away.