Why Online Training Works for Both You and Your Clients

As we all know, the past year was full of challenges and uncertainty for many, and the fitness industry was not exempt from these challenges.

The impact of 2020 will continue well into the years to come; however, the fitness industry displayed rapid growth throughout this challenging time.

This evolution came in the form of the need for online services for consumers, to enable them to still participate in their regular workouts or classes, but online rather than face-to-face in a gym setting.

As a personal trainer, coach, or client, below are a variety of reasons and tips on the benefits of going online for your fitness needs.

For personal trainers and coaches, the first benefit is a reduction in overhead costs. By cutting these costs and offering your services online rather than face-to-face, this can increase your profits.

The second benefit is more flexibility and freedom to operate your services from anywhere at any time.

The third benefit is a potential increase in your client base due to running sessions for clients near and far, as their location will not impact their availability to get to the gym.

The final benefit is the added value to your services to be more flexible and available for clients. Whilst still offering face-to-face training is vital for clients who prefer this training method, going online expands your services to clients who are short on time or cannot make sessions in a studio due to other commitments.

Next, we can look at the benefits for clients from online services.

The first benefit is affordability, as online training is generally more cost-effective and therefore, may encourage you to persist and keep up with classes.

The second benefit is flexibility, as online training allows you to work to your schedule and not have to worry about rushing from home or work to a session.

The third benefit is the variety and choice of coaches, as distance and time constraints are less or a boundary and you can look around for the right coach for yourself, whether they are near or far!

The final benefit for clients is more communication and accountability due to coaches contacting you regularly through online platforms. Having open communication can assist in keeping up with your training and motivation to work towards goals.