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Move More Sit Less
Do your clients (incorrectly) believe that 30 minutes of exercise a day is all they need to live a healthy, active life? They may work out diligently every day, but if they then spend most of their day sitting (at work, on the couch, in the car), they have undone nearly all the physical health benefits of their daily workout.

The new Move More Sit Less campaign is designed to get more Aussies off their chairs and adding more movement to their day. The Move More Sit Less website has lots of ideas for everyone to get moving. We all need to move more and sit less for a better quality of life – it’s simple!

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PAA Statement on Registration and Choice
PAA strongly supports choice of professional industry registration.

We believe that personal trainers should not be restricted in their choice of registration provider, as this can lead to them becoming captive to higher fees and a lower quality of service if they cannot switch their registration in response to better price and service. Restrictions on choice of registration provider are therefore likely to be detrimental to consumers and the industry overall.

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