October InForm is out now
October is Mental Health Month – are you looking after your own wellbeing as much as your clients’? Plus, everything you need to know to market your business effectively. Read the October InForm now!

Expressions of Interest: Aboriginal Women’s Scholarship Program
Bluearth is committed to to supporting Aboriginal women to increase their physical activity levels. We are looking to partner with a leading Western Australia RTO to offer a minimum of two scholarships for Cert IV in Fitness to Aboriginal women. More information

PAA Statement on Registration and Choice
PAA strongly supports choice of professional industry registration.

We believe that personal trainers should not be restricted in their choice of registration provider, as this can lead to them becoming captive to higher fees and a lower quality of service if they cannot switch their registration in response to better price and service. Restrictions on choice of registration provider are therefore likely to be detrimental to consumers and the industry overall.

Read the Statement in full here >

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