Physical Activity Australia Supports Fitness Students
Physical Activity Australia is committed to supporting the transition of students of Sage Institute to ongoing education opportunities following the recent closure of all campuses.

In collaboration with industry partners, registered training organisations and other key stakeholders, PAA is exploring opportunities to support transition to legitimate providers of ASQA approved fitness qualifications. “There are very clear fitness industry minimum qualification requirements that we adhere to and Physical Activity Australia will work to support opportunities for Sage students to transition to organisations offering these” said General Manager Ben Cooper. Read more

New policy statement: Recognition of University Degrees for Registration
As of the 27th of February 2017 Physical Activity Australia will no longer register University Degree qualifications including Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science or similar. As of September 1st 2016 the Fitness Training Package including SIS30315, SIS40215 and SIS20215 is the only ASQA approved fitness qualification for delivery. These changes to the training package mean that any previous course mapping no longer satisfies minimum requirements and requires updating.

Without direct course mapping from a University Physical Activity Australia cannot provide the registration equivalent of a Certificate III, IV or Diploma in Fitness to tertiary students. All University qualifications will be referred on to a Registered Training Organisation for Recognition of Prior Learning.
Physical Activity Australia will work with Universities that wish to develop a mapping process in order to streamline the registration process for relevant students. For more information please contact the Physical Activity Australia office on 1300 784 467.

PAA Statement on Registration and Choice
PAA strongly supports choice of professional industry registration.

We believe that personal trainers should not be restricted in their choice of registration provider, as this can lead to them becoming captive to higher fees and a lower quality of service if they cannot switch their registration in response to better price and service. Restrictions on choice of registration provider are therefore likely to be detrimental to consumers and the industry overall.

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