All accreditation applications are independently assessed by experts within the fitness industry. Each accredited program is assessed individually and allocated a Professional Development Point (PDP) value. When submitting an application for program accreditation, providers are required to estimate the number of PDPs they think their program is ‘worth’.

The number of PDPs allocated to each accredited course is based on the following:

  • The documentation of learning expectations and outcomes (including the assessment framework)
  • Program content detail and complexity
  • Program length and duration
  • Delivery method / participant engagement method

Physical Activity Australia’s Program Accreditation Criteria details accreditation costs and the accreditation application process.

Once your program is accredited, it will be promoted on our List of Accredited Courses and Workshops. This is the key reference tool for our members researching professional development opportunities.

The Physical Activity Australia Logo and PDP Logos are available for use by accredited training providers. If you would like to use our logo and PDP logos, please contact our office at Physical Activity Australia.

All training providers accredited by Physical Activity Australia must abide by our Program Accreditation Guidelines.

  1. Download and complete the Program Accreditation Form or the Forum, Conference and Event Accreditation Form
  2. Pay the application fee online.
    Note: You will be required to select your PDP allocation in this process.
  3. Check your email inbox for your receipt and enter your online payment order number in the appropriate field on the form.
  4. Email your application and supporting documents to [email protected].

If you are renewing your program accreditation, please contact Physical Activity Australia on 1300 784 467 to arrange payment.