Registered training organisations (RTOs) are approved training providers of the National Sport, Fitness and Recreation Training Package.

RTOs include TAFE Colleges and Institutes, adult and community education providers, private providers, community organisations, schools, higher education institutions, commercial and enterprise training providers, industry bodies, and other organisations that meet RTO requirements.

The Federal Government’s training website has a complete list of registered training partners. Despite this, finding a suitable RTO to suit your needs can be a daunting task. Here are some questions you can ask a prospective RTO before signing up.

Questions you can ask a prospective RTO:

  1. What percentage of students complete the course?
  2. Do you have statistics of how many students gain employment after finishing the course?
  3. How much supervised practical time is incorporated in the course?
  4. What experience do your trainers have in the industry?
  5. What networks / partnerships does the college have within the industry? (opportunities for employment and mentoring)
  6. What differentiates your RTO from other training providers?
  7. Is there some sort of funding or subsidy that I would be entitled to?
  8. What kind of post-course support do you offer? Is there an ALUMNI for example?
  9. Do any of my previous experiences count towards any credits? Can the course be tailored to my needs? (Recognition of prior learning).
  10. If I can’t complete the course in the given time, is there a grace period to come back and complete?