How to earn PDPs

Accredited Courses
Gain PDPs by completing accredited online or face to face courses. View all accredited courses here.

Evidence of employment is the easiest way to demonstrate you are actively using your skills and knowledge.

  • 1 PDP will be allocated if you work less than 20 hours per week
  • 2 PDPs will be allocated if you work more than 20 hours per week
  • You must provide either a Statutory Declaration (if you are self-employed) or an Employment Advice Form (if you are employed) as proof of employment.

Self Learning Template
Up to three PDPs can be allocated for the successful completion of Physical Activity Australia’s Self-Learning template (this only applies to registrants at a Certificate IV level and must adhere to the strict criteria put in place). Further information here.

Mentors can earn PDPs for coaching personal trainers to improve their knowledge, skill set and to ultimately become a stronger communicator and role model. Students in turn learn from industry experts to develop an understanding of the fundamentals of fitness, effective coaching and everything in between to help clients progress. View more details. If you want to offer mentoring or find a mentor, contact us for more details via [email protected]

Professional subscriptions
Selected quality online and magazine subscriptions count towards your registration. Examples include Australian Fitness NetworkAustralian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA), Yoga Journal, MOVE muscle, bone & joint health , Zumba Instructor Network MembershipEfit AcademyAmerican Council of Exercise, and others. Do you have a subscription that’s not listed above? Send us a copy to see if you can attain PDPs for your current subscription. 

Other ways to earn PDPS
PDPs may also be accrued through completion of:

  • Attendance at fitness-related conferences and events such as Filex, Yoga Conference, Masterblaster, Aqua Summit, etc.
  • Higher education or VET fitness-related study.
  • Lecturing or presenting in recognised fitness-related training courses.
  • Research projects relevant to the health and fitness industry.

Have you written and published a book or publication? You can attain PDPS for this too. Simply email us the details