Think of this as your go-to resource library for the information and resources you may need when you’re applying for jobs or setting up your own business. Please note that we are currently in the process of updating our forms so some may not yet be available for viewing. You can always call the PAA office if you have any questions, or would like more information, on 1300 784 467.

  1. Tips for writing a great job application
  2. Where to look for jobs?
  3. Steps you need to take to start your own business
  4. Marketing your business
  5. Using social media to promote your business
  6. Pre-exercise screening template for new clients
  7. Client program template
  8. Building your risk management strategy
  9. Fitness Business Risk Management Template
  10. Get the right insurance
  1. Business plan template
  2. Marketing plan template
  3. Invoice template
  4. Meeting agenda template
  5. Minutes template
  1. First aid in the workplace (See First aid in the workplace – WorkSafe Victoria and Model Code of Practice First aid in the workplace)
  2. Pre-exercise screening template for new clients
  3. Client program template
  4. Building your risk management strategy
  5. Risk Management Template
  6. Incident report template
  7. Fitness business software programs
  8. Online tools for self employed professionals
  1. Building your risk management strategy
  2. Fitness Business Risk Management Template
  3. Risk Management Template
  4. Incident report template
  1. How to earn PDPs
  2. Diversifying skills to expand your career options
  3. Statutory Declaration
  4. Employment Advice Form as proof of employment
  5. Mentoring Template (PDF) (Word)
  6. Self Learning Template
Tips & references
  1. Tips for training older adults
  2. Our favourite resources on fitness industry
  3. Pregnancy and exercise
  4. Useful links
  5. Fitness Industry Award 2010 [MA000094]
  6. Minimum workplace entitlements
  7. Scope of practice
  8. Superannuation: why should I bother?
  9. Client retention: the key to your business
  10. EOFY: Quick Tips
  11. Resources for outsourcing digital media






Physical Activity Australia’s policies and guidelines have been written to demonstrate best practices for fitness professionals and training providers working within the fitness industry.