Your initial qualification is your first step towards an exciting, challenging career in the fitness industry. Taking the next step – registering as a fitness professional – signifies your commitment to ongoing professional development to maintain your currency and competency within the industry.

Professional development is essential for you, your career and your clients. You can choose to expand and update your current skills or embrace the challenge of learning new ones.

Whichever path you choose, we have an extensive range of courses you can choose from. Courses and programs can be based around a particular training environment, such as aquatics, or it may specialise in working with a specific demographic, such as children or older adults.

Each course is worth a certain number of professional development points (PDPs). It is a Physical Activity Australia requirement that you achieve six PDPs as proof of professional development in each two-year registration period. Of these six points, at least one must be a health and fitness program or course.

All courses featured on our website have been accredited by Physical Activity Australia, however you can undertake other courses. Some courses may offer continuing education credits (CECs) instead of PDPs.

Converting CECs to PDPs

Some courses offer continuing education credits (CECs) instead of PDPs. The following are approximate conversions. For more information on the conversion rates, please contact our Registration team.


When looking for professional development opportunities, there are a wide range of pathways to choose from.

Evidence of employment is the easiest way to demonstrate you are actively using your skills and knowledge.

  • 1 PDP will be allocated if you work less than 20 hours per week
  • 2 PDPs will be allocated if you work more than 20 hours per week
  • You must provide either a Statutory Declaration or Employment Advice Form as proof of employment

One PDP will be allocated for organisation / association journal subscriptions (approval for PDPs to be granted in this category is at the discretion of Physical Activity Australia. Subscriptions must be held for a minimum of 6 months to be eligible).

Three PDPs will be allocated for the successful completion of Physical Activity Australia’s Self-Learning template (this only applies to registrants at a Certificate IV level and must adhere to the strict criteria put in place)

PDPs may also be accrued through completion of:

  • Face-to-face courses
  • Online courses
  • Attendance at fitness-related conferences and events
  • Higher education or VET fitness-related study
  • Lecturing or presenting in recognised fitness-related training courses
  • Research projects relevant to the health and fitness industry