Physical Activity Australia is a division of Bluearth Foundation, a national health promotion charity on a mission to improve the health and well-being of all Australians. Together with Bluearth we share this mission as a community of fitness professionals.

Physical Activity Australia (PAA) believes strongly in the benefits of professional registration and encourages all organisations or individuals buying services to seek out a recognised registered trainer. Registration benefits both organisations and consumers, creating accountability to ongoing professional development and building trainer’s knowledge and experience.

Registration of personal trainers is beneficial for consumers because it means their personal trainer is accountable to ongoing professional development, keeping up with research and building their knowledge and experience, committing to an agreed Industry code of practice so that they can provide consumers with better information and training techniques for better results.

PAA also strongly supports choice of professional industry registration. Choice empowers industry members in making informed business decisions and supports healthy competition, continual improvement and industry checks and balances for the registration organisations involved.

We believe that personal trainers should not be restricted in their choice of registration provider, as this can lead to them becoming captive to higher fees and a lower quality of service if they cannot switch their registration in response to better price and service. Restrictions on choice of registration provider are therefore likely to be detrimental to consumers and the industry overall.

As a registration provider, PAA is committed to high quality service, value for money and supporting overall ongoing professional development of personal trainers and the industry at large. We are proud to be part of a movement for movement, building an active nation one step at a time. Helping ensure children across Australia get the support they need for an active life.