Coach helping a man with Pilates exercisesAt Physical Activity Australia we believe in choice; it’s empowering and provides opportunities to make smart decisions, based on what is right for you and your career.

This is why we emphasise that registration in the fitness industry as your professional choice. You do not have to register as a fitness professional. But. More and more employers expect their trainers to be registered. Whether you’re working for someone or you’re self-employed, making the choice to register demonstrates a personal commitment to grow as a trainer, build your business and contribute to industry standards.

We have many incredible registrants who regularly demonstrate their desire to grow and improve as a trainer. These individuals make a fantastic contribution to the industry and inspire others to work hard to stand out from the crowd. They make the choice to be better and grow a rewarding business for both their clients and themselves.

While we give credit to so many trainers for their great work and passion, more often than we would like, we receive a last minute phone call at PAA and hear “What is the quickest and easiest way to get my points?” It must be emphasized that this is not our purpose.
We are an industry body passionate about seeing members grow, the industry as a whole develop, and build and maintain standards for our clients and the fitness community. We are not about acquiring points – this is an unfortunate mentality that can occur when members find themselves up against a rapidly approaching registration renewal date. Instead of trying to accumulate points as quickly and as easily as possible, it is vital that you pursue your ongoing education in areas you are genuinely interested in. Accumulating points is a bonus.

We all lose track of time – it’s easy to do and sometimes it’s unavoidable. But, with a little forward planning, you will be able to maximise your professional development opportunities. Possible strategies include:

  • Schedule time into your diary to research potential courses. A great starting point is our website – we have hundreds of courses to choose from.
  • Lock courses in early to ensure it is simply part of the investment in your business and you will be surprised at how little of your time this takes.
  • Identify courses early to ensure they are more likely to work around your schedule.
  • Chat to your clients – they may be able to tell you what appeals to them.
  • Seek a trusted industry mentor to guide in you in your career choices.

Taking the time to find the right professional development opportunities increases your job satisfaction and shows your clients you value them enough to regularly update your skills and knowledge to be the best trainer you can be.

Any questions? Contact our office on 1300 784 467 and have a chat to one of our customer service staff.