Rising Star Award criteria

The PAA Rising Star Award is open to individuals in their first two years as a fitness professional.

Nominations will be sought quarterly and a recipient will only be selected if, based on merit, they meet ALL criteria. If there are no nominees fulfilling the criteria, the award will be held over until the following call for nominations. At the end of each year, a Rising Star of the Year will be selected.

To be considered for the award, all nominees need to:

  • Be in their first two years of industry participation with certificate 3 and/or 4
  • Be gainfully employed in the industry or running their own business
  • Be registered with Physical Activity Australia
  • Must be insured
  • Demonstrate exemplary communications skills and leadership either for team members and/or clients
  • Demonstrate high levels of professionalism
  • Actively engage in further professional development over and above base-line registration body requirements

For more information, contact Ben Cooper, General Manager: [email protected].