In 2014, Physical Activity Australia became a division of the Bluearth Foundation; a national health promotion charity on a mission to improve the health of all Australians and address the burden of disease associated with our increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

Physical Activity Australia and the Bluearth Foundation are working together to:

  • Advocate for recognition of physical activity as an essential part of every Australian’s daily life
  • Establish quality standards and guidelines for the delivery of skilled, professional fitness services and business practices
  • Develop programs that enhance the reputation of fitness professionals and raise awareness of the health benefits they can provide to individuals and communities
  • Support further development of fitness professionals’ expertise and qualifications are recognised in the health sector so they can contribute to the prevention of obesity and chronic disease

So far Bluearth has been involved with over 400,000 students from over 1300 schools across Australia.

These urban, regional and remote primary schools have experienced the joy of mindful movement through the Bluearth Programs.

In addition Bluearth has:

  • Supported 6000 educators with training, professional development and on line resources
  • Developed over 900 student leaders , Bluearth advocates thro9ugh the Active Schools Program, taking the total to over 3,200 leaders across Australia
  • Supported and trained over 25 Bluearth coaches across the country
  • Worked with over 3,000 local community and national businesses who believe in what the mission is

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